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Frequently Asked Questions


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#1.  Where are you located?

We are located at 40 Spanish Peak Drive in the 4 corners area of Bozeman, MT.  Just head north on Jackrabbit from the intersection with Huffine.  We are the First road on the right after passing the Korner Klub.  Look for us in the center of the building, inbetween State Farm Insurance and All About You Salon.

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#2.  Do you offer unfinished furniture?

Yes, we will sell unfinished furniture

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#3.  Are any of your products solid wood?

Yes.   All of our products are made from solid wood including Oak. Alder, Walnut  & Cherry.

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#4.  Is this site secure?  Do you sell my email address?

Yes.  This is a secure shopping site that utilizes SSL to ensure that your private information never gets in the wrong hands.  We do not sell your information to 3rd parties.  Your information is kept strictly confidential.  If you are unsure of placing an order online, you can always call us at (406) 582-8700 to place your order or just ask questions.

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#5.  What method of shipping do you use?

Our smaller items ship with FedEx.  Items that cannot be shipped via FedEx must ship via Common Carrier (Trucking Co).  We use both regular freight companies (Watkins Shepard) as well as blanket wrap shipping companies (Plycon)to ensure safe arrival of your furniture.  We will also on occasion deliver using out own truck and driver.

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#6.  What if something arrives damaged?

Damage is very unlikely.  We package our items very well.  In the event the shipper arrives with something that is obviously damaged, you can refuse it and we will send you a replacement.  If there is something you find after the driver is gone, you just contact us and we will either repair or replace at no cost to you.  We stand behind everything, and will take care of our customers, like they take care of us.

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#7.  What is Quartersawn or Plainsawn wood?

The 2 samples you see are different cuts of the same oak.  As you can see, the Quartersawn grain is straight and tight with "Ray Flake" and is the traditional type of wood used in authentic Mission Style Craftsman Furniture.  The Plainsawn grain is very open and wide, and is generally used in today's furniture.  Quartersawn oak is preferred for true craftsman furniture builders due to the subtleness of the grain so it does not take attention away from the furniture itself.  The Plainsawn grain attracts the eye to the grain and not the furniture. 

Grain appeal is not the only reason why Quartersawn is preferred over Plainsawn.   Quartersawn lumber is actually more stable than Plainsawn lumber.  When the seasons change and the humidity changes, wood will expand and contract.  The wood does most of the expanding in the grain, so with Plainsawn lumber having the wider grain, it does the most moving and has a higher tendency to crack and warp.  Quartersawn moves much less due to the straight, tight grain, thus providing you with a much more stable product.  We are not saying we do not recommend Plainsawn oak because with the proper care and conditions, Plainsawn will last indefinitely.  If you are looking for an heirloom quality item, then you will have no choice but to go with Quartersawn, as higher end manufacturers only use Quartersawn Oak.  The only downside to Quartersawn lumber is that is costs twice as much as plainsawn lumber.  


Typically Quartersawn is used in the Mission Furniture line and Plainsawn is used in the Traditional and Contemporary Furniture line.  If you have any questions about wood, please feel to call us.

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#8.  American Made, Supports the Local Economy

Our furniture is made with pride in Montana by Montanans. Therefore, purchasing a piece of furniture from Black Timber Furniture Company directly supports the western economy.

The solid hardwoods used in our furniture are grown and harvested in the United States. Most of our wood is harvested from Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Purchase of this wood employs midwestern farmers with sections of their land set aside for selective hardwood harvesting, tree farms, and sawmill operators. Hardwoods are the largest single expense and component of our furniture.

We use high quality metal hardware and wood finishes, the major components of which are all manufactured in the USA.  Purchasing of our furniture employs craftsmen and their families , who purchase their goods and services from the local community. The multiplier effect of this income is significant.

Black Timber Furniture Company is a small business that employs local  people. We strongly believe that a business must uphold its end of the social contract by being responsible to its customers, to the land, and to the community at large.

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#9.  How long does the furniture take?


That depends on your location. If you are local or within 300 miles or so of our shop located at 20900 Frontage Road, Belgrade MT , it generally takes 8 to 10 weeks. This will vary depending on how busy our builders are.   If you are within the lower 48 states it generally takes 8 to 10 weeks. This will vary depending on the type of delivery you opt for as well. In house delivery and set up AKA - white glove delivery takes the longest because we have to coordinate with a specialized moving company.

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#10.  Pass it On To Your Grandchildren

Having access to these beautiful grown hardwood trees harvested in the United States is very important when building a quality piece of furniture. But building to last involves more than just having the right wood that's been properly prepared - it involves a lot of knowledge, patience, and commitment.

Time honored methods of building fine furniture mean these pieces take a lot more time to assemble than mass-produced products. But a well-constructed desk or dining table necessitates this quality of construction.

This woodworking knowledge is passed from father to son, from master craftsman to apprentice. They learn the right way to make a piece of furniture that can stand the test of time.

That's what makes each handcrafted furniture piece from Black Timber Furniture Company special, and how you know it is built to last - because it has already stood the most important test of time.

Because our solid wood furniture is designed to outlast the buyer, it can be passed on to your children or grandchildren. Our furniture will become the next generation's heirlooms and antiques.

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#11.  Handcrafted From Solid Hardwoods

Our furniture is created from solid hardwoods, joined together with strong wood joints and high quality hardware.

Solid hardwoods are naturally beautiful, long-lasting when properly maintained, and free from many of the toxins endemic to artificial wood furniture.

For the cost conscious, oak or alder is the preferred option. Oak is very versatile and can be stained a number of different colors.

For a truly beautiful piece, we recommend cherry and walnut.  They are gorgeous hardwoods, and a walnut or cherry furniture piece is a wonderful way to show off its complex grain and color.